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How to beat the competition with video content

The retail industry is highly competitive these days, and it’s no longer enough only to have a quality product. Companies need a solid marketing strategy just to get some brand awareness, especially if they hope to get their products in retail stores, and video content has been found to be the most successful approach. Not only can a video featuring your product better inform potential buyers, but it can also help retailers and their sales teams get familiar with your brand. Here’s how you’ll beat the competition by adding unique video content to your marketing strategy.

Video Content Helps Retailers Understand Your Product

Once you’ve gotten a few retailers to carry your products in their stores, it’s your job to help them understand what makes your goods better or different from similar competitor items they sell. The best way to do this is with video content that puts your products on display, discusses its benefits, and lets people know why your brand is so unique. Doing this will not only give retailers a better idea on how to advertise your products, but the right video can be used to train their sales team on your merchandise, ultimately leading to more sales.

Video Content Can Be Used For Advertising

When you provide retail stores with high-quality video content, they are more likely to use it for advertising purposes. A retailer might put it up on their website, share it across their social media channels, and have it playing in their stores next to your product’s display. This will significantly help spread brand awareness and get your products to reach a whole new audience. Additionally, customers won’t have to rely on their phone’s or the retailer’s sales team to learn about your product if an informative video is being played right there next to the display. They’ll be better educated on your brand and love that they’ll be saving time on doing research.

What To Include In Your Video Content

When you’re creating video content that is intended to target consumers in the retail industry, it’s essential to learn everything you can about the customers. Whether your product is being sold by a brick and mortar business or an online retailer, you should know the demographics of those who visit their stores and use that information when creating video content. It’s also common practice to check out what your competitors are doing, especially if their products are being sold at the same retailers or those with a similar customer base. Take their video content into consideration when creating your own and use any of their shortcomings to your benefit.

In order to beat the competition, your video content designed for the retail industry should include:

  • A clear description of what your product is
  • Brief visual instructions on how it’s used
  • Reasons why your target consumer needs to own your product and how it would benefit them
  • Information on what makes your product better than competitor items
  • Any unique qualities your product or brand has that will help you stand out
  • A voice-over with a conversational tone that avoids coming off too sales-like
  • Sub-titles as many people watch videos without sound
  • Professional quality video angles, lighting, and transitions

Your goal when creating your video content should be to get retailers to understand your products better, ultimately winning them over so that they push your product over others. When a retailer can trust a brand and their products, they are more likely to use them in their advertising, create better displays for them in their stores, and highly recommend them to customers. Quality video content can help you achieve this and give your product more presence in the retail industry, ultimately leading to an increase in sales. Improve your marketing strategy now with professional video content that will beat the competition and earn the retail industry’s trust simply by helping them get to know you better.

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